RIBI –The Future

RIBI Annual Business Meeting.

I attended the RIBI Conference in Torquay over the weekend of 7th/8th April. One of the most important issues that was put to the members at the Business Meeting was Resolution 17/18:01

Its purpose is to endorse the RIBI Structure and Business Plan entitled Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland – The Future.

Resolution Number 17/18:01 is as follow;

To endorse the RIBI Structure and Business Plan entitled Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland – The Future


The proposals coming forward begin with the RIBI administrative level, the key area within our control, being:

The modernisation of Committees;

Changes to the Executive;

Modernisation of General Council;

Changes to the Presidency;

Growth of the role of the Director within our zones


Changes at the RIBI Administrative level are within our control and will help portray the overall organisation in modern terms. However, Rotary recruits and delivers at the local level and it is therefore vital that clubs not only support the new image big picture, but that they portray and deliver a Rotary at the local level that is also fit for the 21st century, either through change of the existing club, or through the sponsoring of a new flexible one to complement their own.

The changes both major and minor will affect how we work, they will improve efficiency through communication and accountability and will save some costs, but importantly, they have the potential of building new perceptions of Rotary and will open up leadership opportunities to younger people with modern experience and drive to take our organisation into a future of growth in membership and stature instead of the accelerating decline that will otherwise dominate the next 20 years.

The intent and plans for change are based on key organisational issues and requirements that are:

The need to address the drivers for change including our aging membership

The need to create a Rotary for the Millennials

The need for a structure that enables working Rotarians to take on the leadership roles

The need to have an organisation that is designed for and reflects the style and language of the 21st century

The need to have an organisation that is fit for purpose as a role model for regional Rotary groups around the world, as RI is currently in the mood to explore and possibly implement , based on the desire of areas like Japan and Australia .

After some questions from the floor the resolution 17/18;01 was passed with only a small number of delegates voting against. This decision will now allow the Executive to move the process forward bearing in mind the deadline for taking any changes to the Council of Legislation.

Robert Lovick
District Governor 17/18