This publication contains the policies for District 1080’s Rotary Foundation Team.

The Team consists of:

The Terms of Reference for these Team positions can be found in the My Rotary web site under ‘Learning and Reference’.  For more details go to My Rotary District Committees.

The Team’s main functions are to promote the Rotary Foundation and its Programs and to allocate the District Designated Fund for Foundation and Club humanitarian projects.  Team members are very willing and available to visit clubs to explain the various functions of the Team and the Rotary Foundation.

The Team will hold formal quarterly meetings, either in person or virtually, with informal smaller meetings as required.

District Designated Fund (DDF)

This fund consists of monies returned each year to the District; the amount depending on clubs’ and Rotarians’ donations to Foundation during the period of three years previously.  Half of those donated funds are kept by the Foundation’s World Fund to fund matching Grants for club’s Global Grants and other foundation projects such as Peace Fellows and PolioPlus and the other half is returned to the District for use with District’s Global and District Grants etc.  Half of each year’s returned DDF can be used to fund individual club District Grants

All Grants applied for must conform to the Rotary Grants Terms and Conditions that can be found HERE under the Resources Menu.  A club planning to apply for a Global Grant must be ‘Qualified’.    For a club to Qualify to receive a District Grant a current club member must complete, during the current year, the Rotary Training module ‘Grant Management Training’ at HERE or the District on-line training program.

The District has wide discretion in the way that it uses these DDF funds.  District 1080 has decided to use the DDF in the following ways.

  1. Fund Global Grant projects. 
    1. The DDF will normally match a club’s contribution to their Global Grant or assist with their contribution to another District club’s Global Grant project which the club is actively involved with.
    2. The Team is ready to assist any club with their application for a Global Grant.  The procedures for a Global Grant can be found on the My Rotary web site in the Grant Central section of the Rotary Foundation area.  The Team would wish to be involved at the very start of a club’s project.
    3. Global Grant project leaders are required to have undertaken the Grant Management Recertification and the Grant Management Seminar training which can be found in the My Rotary Learning Center.
    4. For more detailed information on Global Grants go to My Rotary Global Grants
  2. Fund Club’s District Grants.
    1. The DDF will normally match a club’s funding for a District Grant up to a maximum of £500 per project.  If clubs are carrying out a combined project, then each club may have up to £500.
    2. These projects must follow the guidelines for Foundation projects which again can be found in the Grant Central area of the My Rotary web site.  The applications for Grants will be prioritized following the Foundation’s guidelines, eg active Rotarian involvement, International partnerships with other clubs and those that create in the Team’s view the most impact on the community being assisted.
    3. To obtain a District Grant the club must have qualified by having a club member in the current year undertake the Grant Management training run by the District, which is held online in March, or have completed the Grant Management training in the Learning Center in My Rotary.
    4. The club’s project must have a high degree of Rotarian involvement.  The DDF will not just fund other charities or institutions with Rotarians just acting as fund raisers.
    5. The club must submit a Grant Report from their previous year’s Grant, with their new Grant application and show a firm commitment to the Rotary Foundation by its fundraising activities.  Late reporting by a club means that the year’s District Grant for all clubs will be delayed.
    6. The club must also submit a Memorandum of Understanding between the club and District with the Grant application.
    7. If a club is not submitting a new Grant application, then a Grant Report must be submitted by the end of June in the year following their Grant payment.
    8. Grant applications must be received by the Foundation Grants Team by the 30th June for payment in that year.  Payment to the clubs will normally be by the end of July.
    9. Help and advice can be received from the DFGC. 
    10. For more information on District Grants go to My Rotary District Grants.
  3. Hilary King Scholar.
    1. The DDF will build up funds to assist in a Global Grant to fund an overseas student from a needy background, termed a Hilary King Scholar, to take a post-graduate course in Peace and Conflict Resolution studies at one of the District’s universities.
    2. Clubs are encouraged to join with overseas clubs to find a student to undertake these studies.
    3. The Team’s Rotary Scholars leader can give advice and assistance.
  4. Help fund the Rotary Peace Centers.
  5. Help fund PolioPlus (Foundation request we use 20% of our DDF).

Rotary Scholars

The Team’s Rotary Scholar Leader will co-ordinate and assist clubs hosting overseas Rotary Scholars.

Clubs are requested to inform the Scholar Leader of all approaches that they receive from students requesting hosting.  He will attempt to find clubs who are willing to carry out the hosting.

The Scholar Leader will organize an annual scholars’ presentation so District Rotarians can meet the students and learn about their pasts and aspirations.

Rotary Peace

The District Peace Officer is the main contact for District Rotarians who wish to have a greater understanding of Rotary’s efforts in Peace and Conflict Resolution.

The Peace Officer will liaise with the Peace Collage at Bradford to enable the District to ‘distance’ host a Peace Fellow.

Assist clubs with their efforts to not only train their members in the subject but also schools etc.


All clubs are encouraged to raise funds PolioPlus and increase the general public’s understanding of Rotary’s primary humanitarian project.


We can only assist clubs with their Global and District level projects if we have the funds to do so.  The DDF funding comes from clubs and individuals.  The more they raise the more we can assist.

Grants Fair

The Team will organize an annual Grants Fair where clubs can show case their project and request help and funding from other clubs.

The Team will organize an annual Grants Fair where clubs can show case their project and request help and funding from other clubs.