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The District membership team are on a mission.

A mission to help Rotary clubs across East Anglia to grow and strengthen their membership.

But it’s not so easy. In fact it’s getting harder!

For many years the primary approach to growing Rotary has been starting new clubs, moving meetings from lunch time to evening to breakfast, but always re-planting the same structures, format and rules. However, if you are reading this blog it’s probably because you want to do something new, something different. You want to reach people who are not aware of the gift of Rotary membership and the work that Rotary does.

No matter what approach you are looking to take to grow membership in your area, there are a number of dilemmas that every club has to address, we’ve encountered them time and again as we’ve looked to grow our membership. We hope that the lessons we’ve learned will help you and give you the tools you need to overcome them.

We’ll also share why we think that the MEMBER GETS MEMBER approach – rooted in the history and practice of Rotary worldwide – is the key to overcoming these dilemmas.

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Blog update – November/December

Fakenham & District Rotary Club aim to re-energise their membership

I recently attended a membership interest evening held by The Rotary Club of Fakenham & District. They had around 20 potential members all from the local area.
Congratulations to President Trefor Jackson and club members Tony Grover, Gordon Turner, Brenda Parcell for their hard work on organising a very successful evening which hopefully will result in new members.
Here are some photos of the evening.

Tony has kindly let me have a copy of his notes and Gordon has given me a copy of the invitation letter which you can download by clicking on the links.

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