Grants Fair 2021 Documents

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Grants Fair – Saturday 24th April 2021 – ZOOM Meeting (following the District Assembly)

Waiting room opens at 11:15am      Grants Fair starts at 11:30am

As with everything we do these days this year’s District Grant Fair will be conducted using Zoom! but we are well aware many of us may have contracted ‘ZOOMITIS’ so we have structured this year’s event to keep it short but also designed for projects to have a ‘life’ well beyond the event itself and to be a ‘shop window’ for collaboration and future ideas.

As it is that time of the year again and the opportunity for your Club to promote any projects that you wish to undertake.  By “selling” your schemes and attracting funding from other Clubs across the District, you will be able to build larger projects for your local and international communities.

Conversely, if your Club has a surplus of funds in your charity account, you will be able to help support other Clubs’ projects.   That’s not as silly as it may seem, as even small sums can add up – especially when grant matches are taken into consideration.

The Grants Fair is open to all members of your Club, although it would be good to have your President-Elect and any member ready to make grant applications.  Documents required can be found at:

If you are interested in presenting your project to our clubs, please complete and submit the Grant Fair Event Presentation Application Form.

If you wish to attend the Grants Fair, please register at:

For Clubs wishing to present we will ask the following:

  • The presenter to deliver a live 5-minute elevator pitch on the project and the funding request for district and clubs support.
  • Provide and submit any supporting information (PowerPoint/Video’s) which will then be made available on the District 1080’s ‘GRANTS FAIR page for any district club members to review.
  • Q&A will be conducted through the ‘ZOOM CHAT FUNCTION’ after the presentation but may be time limited but these will be answered directly by the presenter following the event to the requestor.
  • By having the presentations available on the Grants Fair website District clubs will be able to view the additional material and/or contact the presenter directly who could be invited to present the full presentation at any interested clubs regular ZOOM meeting.

By inviting a project presenting club there is also the chance to invite your friends from corporate organisations and non-members to your own club event, and for them to see how Rotarian’s support communities in need and how businesses by giving their financial support to your projects, can be involved in Corporate Social Responsibility programmes that can make a difference to local and international social problems.

We look forward to seeing you on the 24th April.


John Beer
Rotary UK and Ireland District 1080 Foundation Grants Sub-Committee Chair