This page will keep you up to date with the progress of Scholars that we sponsor and host.

Rotary East Anglia – Scholars’ Welcome Evening 2022

Tuesday 18th October 7.00pm to 9.00pm

The meeting will be held in the Richard Eden Suite of Clare Hall, Herschel Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AL .

There are limited parking places in Herschel Road after you enter the gates, however there are normally plenty parking spaces in Sylvester Road and further down Herschel Road.  I have attached a map showing the roads and the location of the Richard Eden Suite.

Sandwiches, a glass of sparkling wine and soft drinks will be served, extra wine can also be purchased.

The £10 attendance fee will be collected at the event, cash only.

The program has yet to be finalised, however there will be an opportunity to meet the scholars and listen to their short presentations. You will also hear from our District Governor, Ian Elliott; Foundation Chair, Jonathan King; and Scholar Chair, Tony Platt.

This is the link to Clare Hall for your information –

Tuesday 18th October 7.00pm to 9.00pm

The evening will also be available to join via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 854 1299 8642

Passcode: 1080


 ScholarSponsor ClubUniversityCourseHost Club
1Evani Radiya-Dixit  District 5190 Ramona Delmas; Grass Valley + Nevada City RC  Cambridge (Minderoo Centre)Facial Recognition Technology(FRT) and AICambridge Sawston  
2Anthony Giachin  D7475 New Jersey?CambridgeMPhil BiotechnologyBaldock District 1260      
3Rachael Kawazaki  Kyoto Sagano  CambridgeVisitor Dept of Land Economy from 1/8/21  to 1/8/22Cambridge Rutherford  
4Angela Khakhali  RID7070  CambridgeMBACambridge Rutherford  
5Anju Kinoshita  D2700 Yanagawa RC  CambridgeMPhil Education (ACE)Saffron Walden  
6Eri Kobayashi  District 2620 Hiroyuki Mochizuki  UEAMA Gender Analysis and International DevelopmentNorwich
7Mark Liang GG2118525  San Marion CA  Cambridge Pembroke CollegeMPhil Health Medicine and SocietyCambridge    
8Kelly Liles  Hattiesburg,CambridgeMPhil Education (Knowledge Power and Politics)Ely Hereward
9Grace Mueller GG2016615  District 6440  (*deferred from 2020/21)  Cambridge (Queens)PhD Geography (Female NEET in Tunisia)Cambridge South  
10Jillian Schleiden GG2126643  District 6040 Kansas City  CambridgeMPhil EducationCambridge      
11Ryan Sutherland  New Haven ConnecticutCambridge Cambridge South  

                If you wish to invite a scholar to your club please contact the Host club or Tony Platt.